Thank you for visiting my site!

My name is Rohanna and here’s a little about myself.

I’m 25 years old and currently work as a bikini/athlete and fitness model. I grew up on Whidbey, a small island in the Northwest, where I was homeschooled and competed in hunter jumper horseback riding until I was 20 and had to sell my horse for my move to California.

I felt lost without this focus, but through this time of limbo, I found fitness…. and fell in love with the lifestyle and health benefits it offers! I’ve literally been in the gym most days since then:) I’ve had my ups and downs, for sure, but to me, “fitness” doesn’t have to be all in the gym… it means moving your body in a way that creates excitement, gets your heart rate up, and gets you strong, flexible and capable to do all the things you want to do! I truly believe a fitness lifestyle is for everyone!

It helps with focus and just daily life tasks mentally and physically. Without a good level of fitness, nothing else in life is as enjoyable. How your body looks and feels affects everything else you do, and is simply NOT a negotiable part of life; it’s an integral one that can be customized to fit your unique interests and goals. Finding your personal fitness routine means discovering what you enjoy and what makes your body feel good!

In addition to years of training with gym equipment and body mechanics, I have completed a college-level nutrition course as well as Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition certification program. You are what you eat! I truly believe the food you feed your self is the building blocks to a healthy strong body! Fitness and nutrition are truly my passions, and I continue to educate myself about the newest and best ways to get the healthiest and fittest body possible!

I know that with determination and hard work, we all can create our best bodies possible! I can support you in discovering what forms of exercise and movement work best for you.

There is no right or wrong way, and we have many options to choose from!

I’ll be real with you and keep you accountable, but also be your biggest supporter!

I look forward to hearing from you and starting your fitness journey together!

Let’s do this!