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My name is Rohanna and here’s a little about myself.

I’m 25 years old and currently work as a bikini/athlete and fitness model. I grew up on Whidbey, a small island in the Northwest, where I was homeschooled and competed in hunter jumper horseback riding until I was 20 and had to sell my horse for my move to California. Read More…

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“Wow. Where do I even start. When I first started working with Rohanna she literally saved me. I had always struggled with my relationship with food and exercise, and she connected with me because she shared some of the same struggles when she first started out. She especially helped me after working with some bad coaches and I had gained a significant amount of weight after being underweight for some time and was feeling severely unhappy and depressed. It’s very important to have a coach that understands and can sympathize, but also gives you a no bullshit response. Basically she taught me that a clean diet, self acceptance and consistency was key. I feel like she has dramatically improved my outlook of diet and exercise in a positive way. She encouraged me to try different methods I had never tried before like going vegan, in order to work with some digestive issues. And after some trail and error I learned different things about myself and my body. Bottom line: She helped me grow as an athlete and she she makes me feel so much better even after failing because it’s all apart of the process. If you are looking for someone to motivate you, hold you accountable and help you develop fitness and nutrition as a LIFESTYLE, then Rohanna is your girl ! I honestly couldn’t thank her enough.”

“I love working with Rohanna! I love how motivational she is and will send me fun texts to keep me going and make sure I’m sticking to the plan. I’ve never felt like she just tells me what to do and then leaves me to figure it out, she’s always available for any questions or to talk about goals or diet. She’s so down to earth and relatable! The diet is easy to stick with and the workouts always feel challenging which I love! I also love that if I need to change up the diet in some way, she’ll figure out a way to make it more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend her!”

“I first met Rohanna at the end of last year. I was extremely unmotivated and having a hard time getting back into gym. I was stuck in a rut and needed help. I noticed that she offered training and nutrition plans so I decided to reach out to her. Rohanna is so kind, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Her positive attitude and mindset is so refreshing. You can tell how passionate she is for her clients and how she truly cares for your well-being. My goals were to become leaner as well as gain my strength back. Over the last year she has not only helped me gain strength and shed fat but now i have confidence in myself and I can finally say that I’m happy with where I am.”

“ Fitness is not a Destination, it is a way of life.


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